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Understanding your Sense of smell

Thank you for visiting our site. Rather you are purchasing a custom or signature fragrance online it is important to understand your taste.  This can be done by understanding your fragrance groups and knowing what category your "taste" falls into.  Below are the fragrance categories. 

Categories of Fragrances

  • Oriental-   Warm, spicy and sweet type of smell.

  • Chypre- Woody and mossy types of smell.  

  • Floral - Flower smells 

  • Marine- Ocean type of smell

  • Citrus- Fruity smells 

    Discovering your Scent

    Ok so you have read over the categories above and you have discovered you have a wide range of taste when it comes to scent's (like most of us fragrance lover's right)?  Well this is when you can use this obsession to your advantage and create a custom fragrance for yourself. One great indicator of the scents you like is your diet. Science shows the taste buds and sense of smell are highly connected. In fact the same part of the brain that interprets smell interprets taste. To learn more interesting facts about your sense of smell, discounts on products and company updates sign up to our email below. Or visit our blog Scent Facts which is filled with a plethora of information regarding scent topics.

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