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 When choosing a brand such as Preeminence it is clear that the details matter to you. Our number 1 goal is long lasting QUALITY scents that linger and become indelible to those around you. We offer fine fragrance perfumes and colognes from our signature line, as well as custom fragrances.

Choosing your fragrance

            Rather you are creating a custom fragrance or purchasing a new fragrance  it is a good ideal to understand your own sense of smell. Understanding your sense of smell requires keen attention to the things that you already like. If you were to take a closer look at the fragrances you have been attracted to in the past you will notice that they all have a similar note[s] that run through all of them. Another factor that greatly determines your liking of a fragrance is your diet. Are you a person that loves sweets, bitter taste or sharp smells such as rosemary? Science has proven that our taste buds and our sense of smell is highly connected. This is why if we have a cold or our noses are stopped up we have trouble tasting our food. Most fragrances fall into certain categories below are a list of them to give you a better ideal of which one yours fall into.

Fragrance Families

  • Oriental -  Warm, Sweet, Spicy

  • Chypre - Contains woody, mossy and floral notes

  • Floral - Dominated by a single or variety of flower scents

  • Fougère- Sharp slightly sweet Usually contains Oak moss and lavender .

  • Citrus- Fruity

  • Marine-  Scents that evoke a feeling of the sea air. Fresh and mossy.

Applying your fragrances

  •  The best way to get the most out of your fragrance is to LAYER them. Layering your fragrance with a matching lotion, oil and perfume will ensure that your fragrance last all day.

  • Apply your fragrance at the pulse points. The main points are each side of the neck, elbow and wrist

  • Spray your hairbrush

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