How can I find out the ingredients on your product? Ingredients are listed on the back of our products EXCEPT custom fragrances.  For those ordering custom fragrances a certificate of the ingredients will be given to you.

Are your products registered with the FDA? Yes . Once custom fragrances are made they will be registered with the FDA also

How is my custom fragrance created?  Customers will complete a questionnaire on their favorite scents, top 5 fragrances along with any allergies.  Once all of this data is collected and analyzed your fragrance is created using high quality oils  into multiple layers top, middle and base notes. The top note imparts a first impression; the middle note unfolds a few moments after application; and the base, or heart note, is the lasting impression that embraces the wearer for hours .  The notes will be selected according to which "Fragrance family" your style falls into along with your favorite type of smells.

What is a fragrance family?  Every perfume and fragrance is different. However, many of them share common traits. Each fragrance can be put into a fragrance family, grouping it with many other similar fragrances. For example if a fragrance is mainly sweet and warm it is classified as oriental, elegant is classified as floral.  

Can you duplicate a fragrance for me? We will not duplicate any fragrances! Instead we will create a fragrance that falls into the "Family" of your favorite fragrance[s]. Don't worry you will love it better anyway.

Do you have a refill Program?  Yes we offer a refill program for our loyal customers that tend to use their fragrances  on an occasional basis.

What is your turnaround time to create a custom fragrance?  This usually depends on our workload but on average 3-5 days before your fragrance is ready.

Do you ship internationally?  No at this time we only ship domestically.

Fragrance Care

Where is the best place to store my fragrance?  The best place to store any fragrance is away from sunlight, heat and humidity which are the 3 biggest enemies for any fragrance.

Where are the best places to spray a fragrance?  Although the great Chanel said " One should spray perfume wherever they wished to be kissed"..... typically anywhere you have a pulse is the best place to spray your fragrance.

What is meant by "Fragrance shelf life? Every fragrance has a shelf life before the smell begins to alter. Our fragrances have a shelf life of approximately 2 years.